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What makes a web site great? No doubt you'd say that it must provide a value to its visitors, but it must also fit into an organizations operation as seemlessly as possible. Here, we provide tools for both sides of this equation.

With our productivity solutions, we address common issues with web site functionality and web site management with tools that make sense - to you, your site visitors, and to your budget.

ASP SiteSearch ASP
Want a search tool that will work with (and within) your existing static web site? Our ASP SiteSearch ASP code tool provides you with the ability of instant searchability of your web site content without the need to store your content in a database. For less than the cost of a computer game, you can add robust search capability to any existing site within minutes. ASP SiteSearch is very flexible and comes with many customizable features:

  • Define which folders to be searched
  • Define what file types to search
  • Define paging size
  • Works in any web design running on Windows NT or 2000 Server

    Price: $25.00

Artisan CMS™
Artisan CMS™ is a Content Management Solution for the real world. It can be built into any existing site within days or can be part of a project from the ground up. With familiar icon bars and tools found in many word processing programs, Artisan CMS™ has a very short learning curve.

  • Familiar interface
  • Builds content in a WYSIWYG environment-  NO CODE!
  • Uploads images right from your computer
  • Updates instantly appear on your web site!

Because of the custom nature of the Artisan CMS™ integration process, price varies greatly on what is needed. Get a quote today!


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