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"A simple search tool designed in ASP for searching static web pages. Fast, flexible, and customizable."

ASP SiteSearch allows you to add a search tool to your web site in no time at all. Best of all, it's affordable for every web site. We considered what we liked and disliked about a lot of other similar search scripts, and developed a search tool that is amazingly flexible for how easy it is to integrate.

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TIP: To see all search results from the test pages, just enter a spacebar and click 'search'

We've created 10 static pages with snippets from different news, entertainment, and technology stories. For this example, try experimenting with any of these keywords:

  • reuters
  • celine dion
  • pranks
  • music
  • AOL Time Warner
  • news
  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Chicago
  • Windows 2000

ASP SiteSearch Facts:

  • ASP SiteSearch is designed to perform searches on web pages that are NOT data-driven (like static HTML pages).
  • ASP SiteSearch performs realtime searches of the content on static web pages. No indexes are used, therefore it is most effective for web sites with a couple hundred web pages or less.


  • ASP SiteSearch is designed and tested for use on live web servers running IIS 4.0 or later - ASP/VBScript
  • Support for ASP 2.0 or later

* The performance of ASP SiteSearch is directly related to the performance of the host web server.

Here's a list of the settings you have control of with ASP SiteSearch:

  • Define page size (how many results per page)
  • Define your own paging buttons (or leave this setting blank for text links)
  • Turn on/off URL display in search results
  • Turn on/off short description in search results (when this is "on", the search results will show the first 200 characters of text on the web page)
  • Define what file extensions should be included in the search (htm, html)
  • Define what directories to ignore in the search
  • Define if meta tags should be searched


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