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Everyone loves referrals. In terms of how it relates to web sites, referred visitors mean more of your target audience with whom you've already established some credibility - just from being recommended by another.

The essence of our Link Exchange Program is about swapping links with other sites that are comparable (but not competitive) to you in order to improve the quality of traffic to your web site. This gives you a higher level of your target market and a means of obtaining “warm” contacts.

Having good incoming and outgoing links is important because the quality and quantity of links a web site has is a scoring factor used by the major search engines, especially Google.

What's included:

  • Research and creation of a list of possible sites to exchange links with.
  • Only site relevant to your business' products or services will be short-listed.
  • We contact each site via email requesting their participation in a link exchange.
  • Our ReciproLink data-driven link system will be provided for managing your links (Windows server required). Only active link exchange partners get a spot in your links database.
  • We create a "site map" of your entire site to ensure that all of your pages are visible to the search engines.

* You only pay for successful link exchanges, and you can decide how many links you want based on your budget, although we recommend to start with at least 25.

ReciproLink Data-Driven Link System: $150.00
Link Exchange Service: $35.00 per successful link

Other reasons for using our Link Exchange Program

  • There is no waiting for your listing to appear like with search engines. When those we contact on your behalf agree to the link, it is usually a matter of days before you can start receiving traffic from your new linking partner.
  • Unlike the search engines, your listing will not disappear unexpectedly after a certain period of time or be hidden by pages and pages of search results.
  • Everyone wins! Exchanging links is alot like traditional networking. You can gain some worthwhile partners which can open up opportunities.

We offer many other premium site promotion services.
Please inquire if you’re interested.

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