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Ask how we can get you a top 10 listing on Yahoo!
Yahoo receives millions of visitors per day searching for products, services and information. It is one of the most important directory registrations your company should consider.

The visitor-per-sales ratio derived from a proper Yahoo registration is nearly double that of any other directory or search engine, yet it remains the least understood and can almost be counter-productive if your registration is not properly submitted. An incorrect Yahoo registration translates into "virtual" invisibility, generating very little new traffic, or not generating any at all.

You only have one chance to get it right…Yahoo allows only one page! With our knowledge of Directories, we can get you listed properly the first time!Websites are subjected to Yahoo’s human reviewer’s discretion before they are included in their directory.

These are some of the key areas we concentrate on before proceeding with your Yahoo registration:

  • We consult with you on every small detail you might consider changing to help your website get properly registered on Yahoo.
  • We research the keyword phrases because not all keyword phrases deliver high traffic. We will present you with a list of the best relevant keywords to target on Yahoo.
  • We make sure your best keywords are represented on Yahoo! Our keyword specialist consults with you about what keywords should be used.
  • We provide you with a list of categories that are best suited to your website and that also meet Yahoo’s submission requirements.
  • A professional title and description is written for your web site that will be used for the Yahoo submission.
  • We check your domain registration to ensure it matches what is being submitted to Yahoo! A site can be disqualified or denied a listing on Yahoo if the registration information does not match what is submitted during the registration.
  • We submit all the correct information to Yahoo for your website.


  • $175.00 for us to perform the service ( a one time fee)
  • Yahoo Review Fee (paid directly to Yahoo via your credit card)

NOTE: The Yahoo Express listing is currently a nonrefundable recurring annual fee of $299.00. For information on Yahoo Express, click here.

If you are interested in having us perform this service for you,
please contact us today!

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